Lori shares poignant and humorous stories of her relatives’ unlikely escapes from Nazi persecution and her aunt’s role (at age 23) as a translator at Nuremberg. Lori incorporates music by her great uncle, renowned Jewish composer Herbert Fromm, as well as her own compositions, interwoven between stories of her family’s enduring contributions in many fields. Herbert Fromm was the last survivor of an influential group of Jewish composers who emigrated from Central Europe during the Nazi period. He endeavored to add a new dimension to the music of the American synagogue by writing of humanity’s desire for unity—a motif shared by his descendent Lori in her own music and frequent performances benefiting local communities. This show also features video memoirs of Lori’s aunt, Edith Coliver, who was only 23 when she translated for Hermann Goering—Hitler’s designated successor—and other high-level Nazis at the Nuremberg Trials. She later worked as a human rights activist and became the first woman to hold leadership roles in several international and Jewish organizations.


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Pictured: Edith Colliver (left), Ernest and Harold Simon (center), and Herbert Fromm (right).

Combining both contemporary and historical music and video with history, humor, and inspiration, ‘Miraculous Escapes’ is a soaring presentation telling the tale of one family’s survival that both entertains and enlightens as it recounts experiences of adversity and personal triumph that remain highly relevant in today’s world. A highly-engaging production that will have audiences hooked from beginning to end, and will leave viewers talking about it long after the final song closes.
— Michael D. Wainwright
, Montana Shakespeare in the Parks
The packed auditorium of Jews and Christians was rewarded both in moral and historical content and in sheer, tasteful talent on display. Outstanding!
— Abigail Martin, Brooklyn College
Hard to believe one person can do it all!
— Audience Member
— Harriet Caston, Ann’s Choice
Lori’s program was an afternoon to remember. Not only was her family’s story inspiring and wonderfully told, but she also moved the audience with her amazing songwriting, piano, and vocal talents. Lori is an all-around gifted person who enriches and elevates everything she touches.
— James Burroughs, Bozeman Actors Theatre
A moving evening of beautiful music.
— Carol Glenn Lalani, philanthropist